Meet the Team: Rachael Burchett

Welcome to the first entry to our Meet the Team series! As Silo seeks to be a place where good things gather, we wanted to give you a look into the good things already gathering - namely, our team! We hope you enjoy learning more about us, and please keep all heckling and name-calling confined to public places where it is funniest and most embarrassing.

Name: Rachael Burchett

Role on Silo Team: Advocate for Communities of Origin

My family is made up of: My amazing husband Anthony, and the cutest cat this side of the Mississippi, Toulouse.

Hometown: St. Louis, MO

Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw

At a new coffee shop, I usually get:  their house drip coffee, black.

If I could have any super power, it would be: never needing to sleep, but I could if I wanted. Basically like I'm always drinking red bull. Or coffee.

My actual, real life super power is: the loudest, longest lasting hiccups to grace the earth

My preferred coffee brewing method is: espresso as an americano

I nerd-out about: water testing, international development, art history

______ give(s) me nightmares: any combination of horror/scary/creepy movies

Coffee makes me feel:  like not a zombie. I NEED coffee to wake up.

One time I ______ and it was crazy:  I was in a small village on an indigenous reservation in the Darien gap of Panama, the rainforest region between where the Pan-american Highway ends in Yavisa and the border of Colombia. We had spent a few days with the community at their regional church conference just trying to build relationships. Trying to experience their culture as much as possible, I wore a paruma (the traditional skirt women wear every day), bathed in the river, and got temporary hagua tattoos. The morning we were getting ready to leave a sweet woman was selling some baskets and things she had made, approached me to show me this beautiful necklace she had made and told me she wanted to give it to me as a gift! This was so so humbling because it likely took her over a month to finish the delicate necklace. It was the most generous, thoughtful gift and it was so crazy.

Right now, I'm jamming to: Get Good (infinitefreefall remix) by St. South

My first ever AIM screen name/email was: McDreamon12

Well that's embarrassing. Please explain:  I was obsessed with Greys Anatomy, and obviously McDreamy, I saw the slogan "McDream on" in their online store and basically ripped it off that. 12 was either completely arbitrary or the year I graduated, at this point, I'm not sure.