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Building the Silo: A Vision for 2016

Midnight tonight holds with it the pregnant anticipation of new beginnings and fresh starts; of untold promises and the mystery of new adventure; of a new year full of unexpected challenges and sweet, sweet victories.

This is usually the time we start making goals for ourselves, determined to make the next year better than the last. It's a noble pursuit to take on the humility required to grow. But at Silo, we aren't making any New Years resolutions.

No, instead, we're going to keep pressing on towards the goals we've had from the beginning. We've always known we wanted to continue to grow, increasing our capacity to do more good. We've always planned  to see clean water reach those who need it through one of our first and earliest partners, Solea Water. And we're so excited to make tangible steps towards bringing you really good coffee. These are not resolutions, subject to the strength of our own willpower. These are the things this Silo was built on, so 2016 will not bring new directions, but growing even higher on the same foundation.

Coffee + Water

Coffee Mug Water Cup w Logo.jpg

Right now, we hope you've been enjoying our Las Mercedes coffee from Colombia. We've been incredibly blessed to have contacts who have connected us with this microlot, and boy-oh-boy, the coffee has been so good. But starting in 2016, we're excited to finally start getting into the communities where Solea Water is doing their clean water projects as well. This means that as we add new crops and roasts for you to enjoy, we'll have an even more direct relationship with these farmers. We'll be helping these coffee-farming communities economically, while simultaneously providing Solea Water with the ability to provide clean water infrastructure to those same peoples!

To give you juicier details, we know for a fact that Solea will be visiting Haiti and Panama in the first few months of 2016, and we'll be checking out farms in those countries during that time. Hopefully, before too long, we'll have even more varieties of delicious specialty coffee coming your way!

Brewed Coffee in Your Hand


In a cup, not directly, that is. In case you missed it, we ran a Kickstarter campaign that ran from November 30 through December 14. You all showed up in a huge way, helping us raise $10,000 toward opening a coffee cart! You can read our previous post for some more details on that.

This coffee cart is currently in the planning stages. We're working with our friends over at TechArtista Coworking Center, where the cart will find its home the majority of the time. This is our first major step in getting warm, delicious coffee into your hands. This cart will also be mobile - giving us the flexibility to come meet you at events and the like! We're really excited about this next step that bridges the gap between online sales and a brick-and-mortar shop that is still down the road for us.

Raise Your Mugs to 2016

We wanted to be sure to share our vision for the exciting things coming this year for Silo Coffee + Goods, and we hope that you'll join us as this Silo continues to grow! Here's to 2016 - may good things continue to gather for you and yours!

Building the Silo: Kickstarting the Cart


"Don't put the cart before the horse," they say.

One time I committed to biking 100 miles over a weekend - before I even owned a bike. My legs felt like Stretch Armstrong for a week.

I just recently purchased an amazing Secret Santa gift... Now I just have to ask my friends if they want to do a Secret Santa this year.

At Silo Coffee + Goods, we don't want to put the cart before the horse. We have a desire to maximize the good that comes as a byproduct of our coffee, and that means we are committed to being good stewards of our resources. We've started selling quality whole bean coffee online prior to opening up a physical, brick-and-mortar location with this commitment in mind. This was our first step (our "horse", if you will), and our next step is quite literally the cart.

Here's our game plan:

Our goal is to open a coffee cart, which will have its home at TechArtista Coworking Center. This cart will allow us to begin serving our directly-traded whole bean coffee to you in person! If you didn't know, that means more money will go toward providing clean water through Solea Water. When you buy a cup of coffee from us, 10% of the profit will go directly toward clean water - so not only will your purchase of Silo beans bolster the economy of these farming communities, but you can help provide clean drinking water to those who go without it. With a coffee cart, we can sell even more coffee, and the physical location will create more opportunities for our mission to spread. So while you can know that purchasing our whole bean coffee will provide good in the world, this will take us to the next level, allowing for good to flow at an even higher rate! 

This is where you come in. Starting on November 30, we're going to be launching our Kickstarter campaign. We want to partner with you to raise $10,000, helping us reach our next goal of opening a physical coffee cart. That evening, please come join us at TechArtista to celebrate the kickoff of our campaign and get a taste of our gourmet coffee! Meet the team and some of our partners, find out more about what we do and why we do it, and enjoy a good time with good people.

One step at a time, from bags online to warm cups in your hands, we want to share our coffee with you. And one step at a time, from seed to cup, we're committed to making good things come of it. This holiday season, join the good things that are gathering at Silo Coffee + Goods.

Join us from 4-7PM at TechArtista, 4818 Washington Blvd, as we kickoff our fundraising campaign.

To learn more about how Silo Coffee + Goods is making good things happen, click here.