Meet the Team: Anthony Burchett

Name: Anthony Burchett

Role on Silo Team: Conqueror of the Digital Realms

My family is made up of: My beautiful wife, Rachael, and the cutest cat this side of the Mississippi, Toulouse.

Hometown: Collinsville, IL

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff

At a new coffee shop, I usually get: Chai. I like to call it coffee because it drives Rachael nuts.

If I could have any super power, it would be: Having some kind of crazy impenetrable shield/skin on command. Take that, mosquitoes.

My actual, real life super power is: I can get a song stuck in my head and that sucker is trapped in there for days.

My preferred coffee brewing method is: Pour overs.

I nerd-out about: Theology, music theory, and CS Lewis books.

______ give(s) me nightmares: The texture of foam.

Coffee makes me feel: mugs, usually.

One time I ______ and it was crazy: Drank a whole gallon of milk in one hour. Then got to see the whole gallon again in reverse.

Right now, I'm jamming to: The Killers

My first ever AIM screen name/email was: Sent2daClinic

Well that's embarrassing. Please explain: 12 year old Anthony was so good at hoops... that is, hoops of the video game, NBA Street Vol. 2 variety. When I would sink a sick dunk or something, the announcer on the game would say, "Get that man to the clinic, 'cause his skills are sick!" Those sick skills birthed the best screen name to ever grace the internet.