Five Reasons Your Wedding Needs A Mobile Coffee Bar


 1.     You want to add something unique for your guests.

Over the years, weddings have become more and more specific to the bride and groom. There are no one-size fits all, and we LOVE IT! Whether it’s a unique venue, theme, or a super charming coffee camper, people are making their weddings reflect more of who they are as a couple and what they enjoy.

Wilfred’s new to the scene, providing guests with an array of specialty crafted espresso drinks that folks will sip with delight!

2.     You’re obsessed with coffee.

Okay, okay – we are biased, but coffee makes the world go ‘round. 😉 You can find this delicious beverage at your local café around the corner or brewed in your own kitchen - it’s part of your everyday routine. So why not bring that coziness (hygge anyone?) to the biggest day of your lives!

And don’t worry, Wilfred isn’t biased when it comes to being hot or cold. We can make your drink your way for the season, and don’t forget that we offer cold brew, too!

5 reasons mobile coffee bar for weddings

3.     You’re not that into alcohol or want to provide another option to guests.

Open bar has been a staple for weddings, big and small, offering an array of mixed cocktails, wine, or a glass of beer. While that’s all fine and well, some guests may abstain or prefer something rich, and wish they had a tasty coffee in-hand after eating dinner and hearing those tear-jerker speeches. Skip the blah caterer provided coffee that percolates all night, and opt for hand brewed, made-to-order specialty drinks.

Our packages are flexible for your number of attendees, too. The Pour Over Cart accommodates up to 100 guests. Wilfred the Silo Camper starts at just 25 guests & can manage 150(+)!

5 reasons to have a mobile coffee bar wedding

4.     Wilfred is so chic and cute, you’ll want to Instagram it all night.

The blue moroccan-inspired tile. The bright copper accents. The warm wood counter. The cheery open window. Add in some string lights for an evening, and you can hashtag the night away! We wanted Wilfred to help set the tone for a gathering of all the people you love most. So, we made sure to think about all those little details while the bright white exterior matches any decor or theme. Don’t forget to hashtag #wilfredthesilocamper. <3


5.     The caffeine kick will have everyone out on the dance floor!

While things are changing in the wedding space, offering so many new and fun things, one usually remains – and that’s dancing! You won’t have to worry about anyone acting slug while the electric slide is playing. They’ll be having the time of their lives and feeling great while boogying away!

We can offer some non-caffeinated beverages, just in case too!


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