Silo's St. Louis Coffee Guide

Our hometown has a pretty solid coffee scene, and the number of great specialty coffee places is definitely growing! But when we travel, one of our favorite things to do as a couple is to try out new coffee places. We've become a little particular about our coffee by now, so it's always nerve wracking to hope we find a place that has quality coffee! So whether you live here in town or may just stop in for a visit, we hope you find this guide helpful to finding your ideal cafe and a great cup of coffee. 

We've put together this little guide to our top 3 coffee places in town, and of course the Silo cafe is on the list!! Looking for a great brunch spot where you can also get Silo coffee? Or a place to take friends for the best espresso in town? What about your weekday coffee spot? We've got you covered.

Happy coffee-venturing!