Coffee Gifts for Your Coffee Friends

I'm not sure if it's sinking in for you yet, but we're halfway through December. HALF. That sneaky ninja, Christmas, has sneaked up on us once again. Who knew a big bearded man in a bright red jumpsuit could be so discrete?

Well if Santa got the jump on you this year, don't fret, because we've collected a few gift ideas for you and your coffee-loving friends.

Call it a Kalita.

Puns aside, we love the Kalita Wave. We're already big pour over fans here at Silo, but the Wave is doing a lot right. First, it's quality. So if you don't know the difference, you don't have to be concerned you're buying something your beloved coffee snob will return. Second, it's forgiving. This means there's a larger margin for error, so to speak - so whether you're buying for a coffee-stained veteran or a white-toothed newbie, this will get the job done right. And third, this thing's just good looking. That stainless steel is a beaut!


Feeling Crafty?

Recently, Rachael (my wife and Silo co-founder) was perusing the good ol' Interwebs and found some awesome pour over stands made of copper pipe. She decided she'd make one, and by golly, it was done within a week! If that sounds like your style I promise you it was quite easy to make happen, fits a tight budget, and looks real good. I've already done the Etsy search for you, and you can pick up the materials for any of these at your Home Depot equivalent - or just buy it from the Etsy shop if you're strapped for time!

Cozies for your Toe-sies

Even if you don't know a coffee bean from Jimmy Bean, there's hope for you yet. Like these awesome socks from Betabrand and Espresso Parts.  If you're buying for a coffee lover, merch is a fun way to show them you know their passion... without having to know much about it.  If they've got a favorite shop, surely you can pick up a shirt, a mug, a hat, or the like. If not, grab something a little more general, like these socks - easy peasy.

Novel Idea: Buy Them Coffee!

I mean, if you're trying to buy a gift for a coffee-loving friend, we can put our money on the fact that they love coffee. I'm going to be honest: once upon a time I had to drown my poor coffee in a torrent of creamer. But our Las Mercedes coffee was instrumental in my switch to black. It's smooth and creamy, and it gets sweeter the longer it cools down. So if all else fails, head over to our store and pick up a bag. And you can assure the recipient that not only was this coffee traded directly, thus ensuring a fair wage for the microlot farmer who raised it, but that 10% of that gift went back to bringing clean water to those who need it. Now that's a Christmas gift.

Eat That, Ninja Santa

If you're still looking for more, check out our Kickstarter page, where contributing can net you limited edition Silo merch and other sweet rewards! Get in while you can, our campaign ends Monday, December 14! Best wishes on your last-minute shopping, and the happiest of holidays from the Silo team.